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Is Imitation The Best Form Of Flattery?

Posted in actors/actresses, CF, dramas, music, pictures, singers, variety shows by wooriyuna on April 22, 2009
Whos who?

Who's who?

On the left we have the actress Min Hyo Rin and on the right we have woori Yuna. Several months back, I blogged about Triple, the first Korean drama ever about figure skating. News and speculation over this drama has been circulating since early last year and anticipation has finally gone into overdrive when production photos were released recently. The question everyone has been asking since the cast was announced last year, is if Min Hyo Rin would be able to transform herself into a passably believable, figure skater. To my prepossessed eyes, Ms. Min is, in one word, deficient. I would like to know what others think. How does the girl on the left above compare to the girl on the right?

Flattery? Or being lazy?

Flattery? Or being lazy?

At the very least, the drama should show us some originality instead of molding Min Hyo Rin into a third-rate clone. If you’re still interested and want to see the clone in action, Triple premieres June 10th on MBC.

As you continue to read the rest of this entry, bear in the mind the opening question: Is imitation the best form of flattery?


Solbi · 솔비

This is Solbi. Solbi is a 25 year old singer, but she’s not known for her music. Instead, she’s well known for her abrupt and unashamed personality that many people love and many others hate. Haters talk openly about her fluctuating weight and Solbi addresses these issues without a flinch. In reality, she’s not fat, but average. However, when you see her side by side with the ubiquitous younger, stick figure, female singers, it creates the illusion of Solbi being monstrously fat. Solbi has taken it upon herself to address these concerns and plans to get back in shape through a celebreality (celeb + reality) TV show. Cameras will document her in the ice rink where she will learn to skate. In her conquest to learn skating, she hopes to lose weight in the process.

Ice Princess premieres April 30th on Mnet.

Solbis preview for her show is one of many, many parodies of Yuna‘s Hauzen CF. This is the original:

Yuna’s CF has garnered a lot of interest. It has a popular star, a catchy song, and easy dance moves for anyone of any age to follow along. Since it debuted earlier this year, the CF has sparked tons of parodies and imitations. Here is another parody from a sketch comedy/gag show called Gag Concert on KBS.

The following parody comes with CAUTION and WARNING! It is NOT for the faint-hearted. If you cannot stomach grossness, I would recommend you skip watching this. But if you can find humor in even the grossest of things, this might be your laugh of the day.

Remember that question? Is imitation really the best form of flattery??

That parody was on one of the most popular variety shows on Korean TV, Infinity Challenge (무한도전).

Infinity Challenge

L to R: JunJin, Park Myung Su, Jung Hyung Don, Yoo Jae Suk, No Hong Chul, Jung Joon Ha

The premise of the show is six guys are given a new challenge to overcome every week. For example, on a recent episode, the six guys were given a fashion challenge in the form of Projet Runway.

The first season of the real PR Korea ended last week.

The first season of the real Project Runway Korea ended last week.

Infinity Challenge has been on the air for a very long time and remains one of the most watched shows every week because no matter what the challenge is or how the episode is set up, these six guys always make it work funny.

If you enjoyed the parody of Yuna’s CF, then you would probably like this one as well.

A parody of Gee

A parody of Gee

The original Gee

The original Gee

This is the original music video from the girlband 소녀시대. AKA sonyeoshidae or Girls’ Generation.

The title of the song is Gee and like Yuna‘s CF, it also sparked a craze of Gee parodies. This one is from married women in their late thirties/early forties. They call themselves Aunties’ Generation!

Representing the aunties of Korea!

Representing the aunties of Korea!

My personal favorite is from a variety show called Gold Miss Is Going. It’s about 6 female celebrities who want to get married.

In exciting and related news, Yuna will appear on the next episode of Infinity Challenge.

Showing the boys how its done!

Showing the boys how it's done!

This will be her first appearance on a variety show since she’s come back home after the World Championships in LA. She wanted to come out on this particular show because it’s one of her favorites and she always makes sure to watch it even when she’s training in Canada. Here is a small preview. Actually, it’s not really a preview, but Yuna announces she will be on the show.

This will be the second time Yuna will appear on Infinity Challenge. She made her first appearance on an episode in September of 2007. Comparing then to now, you can see how much she has grown.







So, to reiterate the whole point of this entry, I’ll ask the question one last time:



For the kind souls who read all the way to the end, I offer you the song of the day!

Yuna in the recording studio

Yuna in the recording studio

Yuna’s Sing Sing song download


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