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The Yuna Kim Effect

Posted in actors/actresses, dramas by wooriyuna on January 31, 2009
MBC Triple coming in June 2009

Min Hyo Rin · Yuna Kim

In a previous entry, I briefly mentioned the 김연아 효과, also know as the Yuna Kim Effect. Here is a noticeable example of the Yuna Kim Effect:

Crowded much?

Crowded ice rink

Even more crowded

Even more crowded

Public ice rinks in Korea have never been busier!

The young ones

the young ones

and the oldies

and the oldies

Not only are crowded ice rinks a regular occurrence, enrollment for kids’ ice skating lessons are at an all time high. The increasingly high numbers and interest in skating is all easily explained by the Yuna Kim Effect. It’s the effects of Yuna Kim on the country.

It’s not so surprising parents want to take their kids ice skating and young couples in love want to enjoy the outdoor activity of skating under the lights. However, it is surprising the Yuna Kim Effect also makes its way into Korean dramas. Korean television series, widely known as Korean dramas, differ from Western TV shows in many ways. Unlike the season format, Korean dramas rarely produce multiple seasons of the same show. It’s very much a one shot deal. Most weekday dramas range from 16 to 24 episodes. Weekend dramas, targeted for family audiences, are usually 50 episodes. Saguek dramas are a special type of historical drama and can last over 100 episodes. Another difference from American counterparts, instead of airing one episode per week, Korean dramas will air two episodes per week. Monday-Tuesday, Wednesday-Thursday, or Saturday-Sunday. There are no sweeps or hiatuses during the broadcast of a drama. The only times a drama will get preempted is if it airs on a special holiday like during the Korean New Year or if a station is broadcasting a live sports competition. (Yuna’s competitions have been known to break the regular planned programming on SBS, one of the major TV channels in Korea.) There are also daily dramas, the equivalent to a soap opera, and air 5 times a week and can last over 150 episodes. There are also no commercials during the broadcast of a program. All commercials air during the time when one program ends and another begins.

Because of this format, Korean dramas often try to make the basis of each drama around everyday, common professions. Dramas about sports are not as likely to occur. For the first time ever, a drama about figure skating will be made. There is no question that the popularity of Yuna Kim and the attention she has brought to the sport is behind this pull for a new drama about figure skating. It’s the Yuna Kim Effect!

In fact, there is not only one, but two dramas about figure skating in development. It is not uncommon for rival networks to air dramas of the same subject around the same time to make viewers choose the better drama. On one side we have the production company, Olive 9, and their version of a figure skating drama, 질 수 없다 (Can’t Lose or Never Lose). Other than the title of the drama, not much else is known. Olive 9 has not released any more information about the drama nor who will star in it. On the other hand, we have 트리플 (Triple) coming from the PD, Lee Yoon Jung. This PD, program director, is famous for her 2007 hit drama, 커피프린스 1호점(The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince or better known as Coffee Prince).

One of these people is a girl pretending to be a guy. Can you guess which one?

One of these people is a girl pretending to be a guy. Can you guess which one?

Coffee Prince was a major success and gave rise to Lee Yoon Jung’s name. With PD Lee Yoon Jung helming the drama, anticipation is high for Triple. This drama has been in development as early as spring of 2008 and people have been waiting and waiting and waiting.

The cast so far:

Min Hyo Rin

Min Hyo Rin

Lee Sun Kyoon

Lee Sun Kyoon

Yoon Kye Sang

Yoon Kye Sang

Kang Ji Hwan

Kang Ji Hwan

If the drama was about feces and it starred the 3 actors pictured above, I’m positive women would still watch. The very questionable link in this cast is the actress, the main star and figure skater of the drama. She’s a singer? CF star? Actress? To be honest, I’m not sure at all what she’s famous for and yet, I still know her name. I don’t think I’ve seen her in really anything, but I’ve read about her in the entertainment news a lot. What I do know is she has no experience. None in figure skating and none in acting. Although, news reports have said Min Hyo Rin has been taking figure skating lessons since last year in preparation for the drama. But will it be enough? Everyone who is anticipating Triple knows not to set their hopes up too high because of the unknown factor of Min Hyo Rin.

The premiere date is set for June on MBC, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

I’m not sure yet how I feel about the drama, but they better not disrupt Yuna’s busy schedule to film a cameo role for the drama. That would be the worst case scenario in my mind and my reason for ultimately hating this drama no matter what quality it is. I would hate it if this drama had any kind of adverse effect on Yuna.


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