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새해복 많이 받으세요!

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Happy New Year from Yuna!

This is rather late, but at the beginning of this week Koreans were celebrating Seollal, the Korean New Year. This year, the Lunar New Year started on the 26th of January. This special holiday lasts three days starting from the day before the New Year and ending the day after the New Year.

The video above is a New Year’s greeting from Yuna. She says the common New Year greeting, 새해복 많이 받으세요, or saehae bohk mahnhee bahdeu saeyo.

If we break it down, it means: (Korean = Romanization = English meaning)
새해 = saehae = New Year
= bohk = blessing
많이 = mahnhee = a lot, many
받으세요 = badeu saeyo = receive, but said formally and with respect = please receive

If you put it all together it says: New Year blessing many please receive. Not exactly. A better translation would be: Please receive many New Year’s blessings.

During this holiday celebration it is typical to wear the traditional Korean attire, the hanbok.

Here are figure skaters, Robin Szolkowy, Aliona Savchenko, Yuna Kim, Brian Orser, Shizuka Arakawa, Daisuke Takahashi wearing the hanbok.

Figure skaters wearing the hanbok

Promoting an ice show in Korea

There are endless variations of the hanbok.

Take your pick

Take your pick

From extravagant

Your Highness

Your Highness

to simple

Trot singer, Jang Yoon Jung

Trot singer, Jang Yoon Jung

for kids

Shes saying I heart you.

She's saying I ♥ you.

and for all seasons.

Singers Hong Seo Bum & Jo Gab Kyung with their daughter

Singers Hong Seo Bum & Jo Gab Kyung with their daughter

Today’s entry is a conglomerate post of any news related to Yuna since I last updated.

First, Yuna won the award for Best Person! In an online vote at MTV Korea, Yuna was nominated for Best Person and won by a landslide.

Poll for Best Person

Poll for Best Person

She beat out the beloved actress, Choi Jin Shil (RIP), one of the biggest icons of Korean music, Seo Taiji, her “brother”, the swimmer Park Tae Hwan, the singer/philanthropist whose mission is to let everyone know Dokdo Island is Korea’s, Kim Jang Hoon, and an old trot singer, Na Hoon Ah.

Not only does Yuna have young fans, but in an online poll with older netizens (Korean slang for internet citizens or people who go online) Yuna came in first by a landslide again for the sports star people are hoping to do well in 2009.

Sports star you hope to do well in 2009

Sports star you hope to do well in 2009

In first is Yuna, followed by the soccer star Park Ji Sung, Park Tae Hwan in third, and the latest golfing sensation coming out of Korea, Shin Ji Yai and the Olympic gold medalist, weight lifter Jang Mi Ran tying for fourth place.

Kim Hee Sun

Kim Hee Sun

On the 21st, actress Kim Hee Sun gave birth to her first child. It became known to the public her baby daughter’s name is 연아. Do these symbols look familiar to you? It’s the same as our very own Yuna! However, the parents have gone on record the name has no relation to the figure skater, but had always liked this name. ㅋㅋㅋ (What doesㅋㅋㅋ mean? It is the Korean equivalent of saying hehehe. It can also be expressed as kekeke.)

�민의 희망 김연아 스페셜

국민의 희망 김연아 스페셜

On January 1st, KBS aired a special program title 2009 Korea’s Hope Kim Yuna Special. Sharing Is Caring uploaded the KBS World version. It differs from the KBS version because it comes with English subtitles!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

During the holidays, Korean television offers many special variety shows. One special was a show on famous people flubbing their lines. You might know them as bloopers, but in Korea they’re called NGs. NG is short for No Good. Here is an NG from Yuna:

Finally, if you missed Yuna’s Hahaha Song, watch it here:

There several versions of the Hahaha Song from other famous figures and singers in Korea. It is all part of the Hahaha Campaign from Samsung to help people relieve stress and overcome the financial crisis.

The Hahaha Song (하하하쏭) is originally by Jaurim (자우림). It comes from the group’s 5th album from 2005, but through this campaign, the song has popularized again. This week, Jaurim was a guest on the music variety show, Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate and they sang their song live:

Coincidentally, the lead singer’s name is 김윤아, Kim Yun Ah. It’s very similar to how English speakers pronounce Yu-na Kim.

I’m a big fan of Jaurim so I offer a free download of their song, 20세기 소년소녀. 20th Century Young Boys and Girls is from their 7th album in 2008.

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