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Posted in info, singers by wooriyuna on January 16, 2009
Yuna Kim - Park Tae Hwan

Park Tae Hwan · Yuna Kim

Are the Nation’s Siblings going out?

EW my god. NO.

Once and for all, it’s time to clear and destroy all inklings of a certain fabricated rumor.

Exhibit A:

A quote taken from a popular figure skating forum

Was looking for news on this and stumbled upon a gossipy article instead about Yu-Na possibly dating the Korean swimming gold medalist (樸泰桓). Whatever.

Exhibit B:

A video from the press conference at 2008 Cup of China

A Chinese reporter throws out a question that causes laughter to break out. Yuna Kim has no idea what has just been asked, but nervously laughs along. The translator: This question is to Yuna Kim. [incomprehensible mumbling] How about your boyfriend? Somebody say uh he’s uh swimming swimming competitor?

Note Yuna’s WTF expression when the translator says “boyfriend” at :44.

Exhibit C:

A video from a Korean e-news show from December 2008

At :33 a man asks, “I’m not a reporter, but may I ask a question?” His question to Yuna is how she feels about Park Tae Hwan. At 1:00, the man says he wanted to ask more interesting questions, but all the reporters were asking such stiff and boring questions.

Whats so funny, Yuna?

What's so funny, Yuna?

It’s one thing for a reporter to ask subjects questions where hilarity ensues.

BUT, it’s also unprofessional for reporters to ask unfounded and inaccurate questions. For example, in exhibit B, the reporter asks Yuna about her boyfriend. The question isn’t whether Park Tae Hwan is her boyfriend, but already assumes he is. In contrast to the video of Exhibit C, Yuna is twice as puzzled in the video of Exhibit B. In Exhibit C, the question was random and thrown out in the open at the last minute, but it doesn’t make any assumptions about Yuna and if her boyfriend is Park Tae Hwan. In Exhibit B, the question had false information to begin with. It would have been fine if the reporter in Exhibit B was fuddled and made an honest mistake, but it’s little instances like this that will lead to people getting the wrong idea, like in Exhibit A.

The more she skates at the international stage, it is only natural more international interest in Yuna Kim will develop. However, as educated fans we need to be careful and learn to discern truth from rumors. I have no idea whether the Chinese reporters are getting false translations from Korean news sources or are making up the rumors themselves for the sake of gossiping, but ask any responsible, knowledgeable person in Korea and he or she would know there is no truth in Yuna and Park Tae Hwan being an item. In fact, Koreans would probably say in response, “Yuna Kim? No way. Don’t you mean Sunye?”

Park Tae Hwan - Min Sunye

Park Tae Hwan · Min Sunye

Mmmm Hmmm! The male half of the Nation’s Siblings has been scrutinized by the Korean media about possibly dating a member of a popular girlband, 원더걸스. AKA the Wonder Girls. Not just any member, but the lead singer! (I haven’t payed attention to this news, but I believe their responses were they’re “just friends”. Mmmm Hmmm!)

Speaking of girlbands, Korean media must be hungry for news on Yuna since they’re trying to make some kind of rivalry between the Nation’s Siblings and which music groups they support.

Wonder Girls

Wonder Girls

Girls Generation

Girls' Generation

By virtue of the Park Tae Hwan-Sunye rumors, the media has put Park Tae Hwan on the Wonder Girls’ side. In recent “big news” (I put in quotations because to the casual observer it’s hardly news at all, but since the media will jump over anything about Yuna, they make it appear bigger than it actually is) the media believes they picked up on some kind of connection between Yuna and the girlband, 소녀시대. AKA sonyeoshidae or Girls’ Generation or the Wonder Girls’ rival group. It appears Yuna has recently changed the music on her personal homepage to the song Girls’ Generation is currently promoting. Yes, the music which Yuna listens to has registered as a big deal in the Korean media. (Can you tell they’re desperate for some news after the GPF?)

And look!

Yuna - Taeyeon

Yuna · Taeyeon

Another connection between Yuna and Girls’ Generation!

Here’s Yuna singing alongside the lead singer of Girls’ Generation on a special variety show about Yuna:

According to the media, since Yuna has Girls’ Generation’s music on her homepage, it obviously means she’s on their side. This leads to an “interesting” and “fun” rivalry between the Nation’s Siblings. Not really. (Please excuse the ridiculousness. They’re really desperate for Yuna news.)

What piqued my interest in all this nonsense is the 김연아 효과, Yuna Kim Effect. How much has Yuna’s decision to select the song from Girls’ Generation has helped bring awareness to that group’s new song? I believe it certainly helped bring a lot of attention to the girlband, especially being on the backburner as their rival group, Wonder Girls continued their annoying dominance as the top Korean music group. (If you can’t tell, I hate the music from both groups and wish all girlband groups would die out. Boybands need to die first.) Accoring to most online Korean music charts, the song from Girls’ Generation is already at number one despite being released about a week ago. Is it because of the Yuna Kim Effect? Though, I bet Girls’ Generation fans would hate to admit it or give Yuna even a little credit.

Ew my god. How did I end up on a tangent about Korean girlbands? Anyhow, the lesson for today is don’t believe silly rumors. Especially, if they aren’t even coming from Korean media.

Nations Siblings

Nation's Siblings and nothing more!


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  1. Giulia said, on January 17, 2009 at 7:00 pm

    ah ah ah that was funny! you are a good journalist, indeed.
    There’s also a silly speculation about Yu-Na and Johnny Weir. Looks like the American and Korean fans need something to dream of.

  2. wooriyuna said, on January 22, 2009 at 11:18 pm

    Thanks for reading Giula.
    As long as the fans realize they’re dreaming I think it’s fine.

  3. Lea said, on February 28, 2009 at 8:49 pm

    As for me, I dream about Yuna and Patrick Chan 🙂 Just a dream or maybe hope 😉

    Excuse me for this silly comment, I really appreciate your work. This blog is so great, interesting, informative. I enjoy reading it a lot. Thank you so much!!!

  4. wooriyuna said, on April 22, 2009 at 6:48 am

    Thanks for reading my blog Lea! I have been busy and negligent with my blog, but I’m staging a comeback! Hope you’re still reading!

  5. […] This is the original music video from the girlband 소녀시대. AKA sonyeoshidae or Girls’ Generation. […]

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